Specializing in the treatment of

-Learning Disabilities
-Anxiety/panic disorders


Three things that set us apart from other therapy companies? 

  1. We focus on you as a person not you as a diagnosis.

    • Though diagnosis can be helpful for insurance, billing, and working with other providers they do not help as an identity. Ascend Counseling and Neurofeedback uses a dysregulation model to help you find balance in every area of your life. 

  2. We offer two for one Neurofeedback session.

    • That means in one hour you will receive two neurofeedback protocols to save you money and increase progress. 

  3. Our treatment methods are holistic 

    • Though we work well with medical providers. Our treatment model focuses on balancing the body through QEEG guided neurofeedback, counseling, and neurotransmitter/hormone testing. 


Therapy Services

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We offer a variety of therapeutic techniques focused on reducing symptoms and regulating the body. Common treatment techniques include EMDR, Biofeedback, and Experiential Therapy.


Many people are unaware of the powerful effects of neurofeedback. Using a combination of neuroscience and computer science neurofeedback has the ability to condition the electrical patterns in your brain to drastically reduce your symptoms. Though a non-invasive procedure, using operant-conditioning, your brain waves are interpreted through a computer and a reward is given generally in the form of music or a movie. For more on the details of how this works check out the Neurofeedback tab.

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Matthew Greene LMFT, BCN

Hello, I am Matthew, the owner of Ascend Counseling and Neurofeedback. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and board-certified in neurofeedback by the BCIA. I first want to thank you for taking the time to visit my page and consider the services I offer. I started this company with the hopes of creating a holistic treatment method that would be both affordable and effective. My passion is to see people's lives changed and their symptoms disappear.  It is why I got into this field and what keeps me so passionate about what I do. 

Hearing the success stories of my clients has been the driving force behind the holistic approach I use when treating people. Though I am trained in a variety of therapeutic interventions, neurofeedback has become one of the primary approaches I use to regulate the mind and decrease symptoms, it is by far the most effective intervention I have ever seen. I also offer a variety of nutritional/neurotransmitter tests to help better understand the brain/gut relationship.


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